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What Is Breve? (A Complete Guide for Beginners)

  • 7 min read

Looking to learn more about breve coffee? Our comprehensive guide has you covered. Discover what breve is, how it's made, and what makes it different from other coffee drinks. Get ready to indulge in the smooth, creamy, and sweet taste of breve coffee.

There is nothing good like a cup of coffee in the morning. Not only does it uplift your spirit, but it also ensures you have a productive day ahead. One type of coffee drink that is meant to uplift your spirit and give you a productive day is a breve coffee. But what is a breve coffee?

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the origins of breve coffee, the ingredients needed to make it, and some tips for brewing the perfect cup.

What Is a Breve in Coffee?

Breve coffee drink recipe

Breve coffee drink recipe. Cup of hot tasty beverage on blackboard. Preparation guide with layers of milk foam, half milk and espresso flat design vector illustration.

Breve coffee also referred to as caffe breve, is an espresso-based coffee made with one or two shots of espresso and half-and-half instead of whole milk. A layer of milk foam is then added on top.

The half-and-half is a mixture of equal parts of whole milk and heavy cream. The heavy cream adds a rich, velvety texture to the coffee, making it one of the fluffiest coffee drinks in the world.

To make your breve sweeter, you can add different flavors and sweeteners like chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut.

Origin of Breve

The word breve is of Italian origin, and it is derived from the word “brevi,” which means “short.” The name describes the shorter length of the espresso shot used to make the drink. It is pronounced as “breh veh.”

Americans created breve coffee in the 1940s. They wanted to make an alternative drink to lattes and cappuccinos but with a richer cream and a sweeter flavor.

Today, breve coffee is popular in the United States and worldwide. It is preferred by people who love a lot of cream and sweetness in their coffee.

Is Breve Better than Latte?

What Is The Difference Between Breve and Latte

The main difference between these two coffee drinks is the type of milk used to prepare them. In a breve, steamed half-and-half is used to make the coffee, while in a latte, steamed whole milk is used instead. This difference in milk gives the breve a richer, creamier taste than the latte.

How to Make a Breve At Home

To make a breve at home, you will need the following:


  • Espresso
  • Half-and-half
  • Sweater (optional)


Step 1: Start by brewing your shot of espresso from your espresso machine

Step 2: Heat your half-and-half in a saucepan over medium heat until it’s hot

Step 3: Froth your hot milk using a whisk or an immersion blender

Step 4: Once your espresso is ready, pour it into a mug

Step 5: Pour the heated half-and-half over the espresso as you hold the foam with a spoon

Step 6: Add a sweeter of your choice to taste

Step 7: Stir gently to combine

Step 8: Add your milk foam on top

Step 9: Enjoy your breve

How Does a Breve Taste?

A breve is known for its sweet flavor, which comes from the natural sweetness of the half-and-half cream. It's a good option for coffee lovers who enjoy a delicious and creamy coffee drink.

Common Variations of Breve

There are several variations of the breve coffee that you can try. They include:

  1. Mocha breve: If you are looking for a sweet, creamy drink with a hint of chocolate, then the mocha breve is perfect for you. This drink is made by adding cocoa powder or chocolate syrup to breve coffee.
  2. Vanilla breve: Vanilla breve is a good choice for those who love a vanilla flavor in their coffee. This drink is made by adding vanilla syrup or extract to breve coffee.
  3. Caramel breve: If you love your drink with a caramel flavor, go for a caramel breve. This drink is made by adding caramel syrup or caramel sauce to a shot of breve espresso.
  4. Hazelnut breve: If you are looking for a nutty and flavorful coffee drink, you better try a hazel breve. This drink is made by adding hazel syrup to a shot of breve espresso.

Pro Tip: Add your preferred flavor to the espresso before adding the steamed half and half for the best results.

What is A Breve at Starbucks?

What is A Breve at Starbucks

There are different variations of breves offered at Starbucks, and the way you order will determine what you get.

For starters, a breve at Starbucks refers to just half-and-half, and not a shot of espresso and half-and-half, as we all know. If you order a breve at Starbucks, you will get a steamed half-and-half with zero espresso.

So if you want to get the correct drink, add the name of the espresso drink to breve. For example, you can request your barista to give you a breve cappuccino, a breve cortado, or a latte breve.

The Benefits of Drinking Breve

When consumed in moderation, breve offers the following benefits:

  1. Breve can help boost your energy levels, thus improving your productivity
  2. Breve can help increase your metabolism
  3. Breve contains calcium and vitamin D, which are important for strong bones and teeth
  4. Breve has lower calories as compared to other types of coffee drinks
  5. Breve can help improve your mood and reduce stress

The Drawbacks of Drinking Breve

The Drawbacks of Drinking Breve

Some drawbacks of drinking breve include:

  1. Breve contains high amounts of calories and fat
  2. Breve may increase cholesterol levels in your body, which can increase the risk of heart diseases
  3. Flavored breves may contain added sugar, which can increase blood sugar levels in your body
  4. Breve is expensive in coffee shops

Tips for Making the Perfect Breve At Home

  • Use fresh, high-quality coffee beans for the perfect taste
  • Use the right ratio- The ratio of espresso to half-and-half is 1:1
  • Steam the half-and-half properly to create a rich and creamy texture
  • Experiment with different flavors and syrups and come up with your favorite breve
  • Invest in a good-quality espresso machine that will produce perfect shots of espressos

Final Thoughts

A breve is a delicious and creamy coffee beverage that has become increasingly popular in modern times. Its creamy texture sets it apart from other coffee drinks, and that is why it is celebrated by coffee aficionados everywhere. To make your own breve at home, follow the above recipe and enjoy this beverage before going to work in the morning.