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Red and Yellow Light on Nespresso: How to Fix Them?

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Sometimes, the Nespresso coffee-making machine can show red and yellow lights, confusing a new owner. What should you do if your machine shows these errors? Continue reading this article to find out how to fix Nespresso Vertuo Red and Yellow Light Errors.

Coffee making has been made easier thanks to the invention of the Nespresso machine. The Nespresso machine offers you the convenience of making coffee using its Nespresso coffee capsules. You press a button, and the machine brews the perfect coffee instantly.

But, this machine may alert you of some errors you must correct. In this article, we will focus on how to fix Nespresso Vertuo Red and Yellow Light Errors.

Three Ways to the Red and Yellow Light Errors on Nespresso Vertuo

Why does the Nespresso Vertuo show red and yellow light? These two lights may either mean the machine is malfunctioning or overheating. You need to:

1. Reset the Machine

Try to reset your Nespresso machine to remove error messages, if any, and adjust it to the default setting. Follow this simple process.

  • Turn off the machine by pressing down the lever.
  • Press the power button while holding down the lever simultaneously for five seconds.
  • When you reach the “Special Functions Menu,” you will see an orange light.
  • Next step, return to the factory reset by pushing down the lever once again, three times.
  • Press the button for confirmation.
  • If you have successfully reset, you will see an orange light brink three times, followed by a green light.
  • The machine is ready for use.

2. Replace the Water Tank

If the error persists after resetting, drain the water tank and refill it with clean water. Before draining the water, make sure there is no coffee capsule in the machine and press the coffee button to remove any residue.

3. Clean the Machine.

Ensure that you always clean your machine regularly so that your coffee can always have a great taste. How do you clean the Nespresso coffee machine? The most effective way is descaling at least six times a year. Also, wipe it clean with a piece of cloth after every use.

In case of coffee residue in the machine, remove it using a cotton swab with vinegar and rinse it thoroughly with clean water before making coffee.

Descaling the Nespresso Coffee Machine.

Descaling the Nespresso Coffee Machine

What is descaling, and why is it important? As mentioned above, you should descale your machine at least twice a year because the water you use to brew your coffee may have some minerals that leave some residue. Hence, descaling is crucial as it removes the minerals build up.

If you fail to descale, the residue alters the temperature at which the coffee heats, and the taste of your coffee will also not be as good.

How to Descale Nespresso Coffee Machine.

The Nespresso machine has a system that brinks three times to alert you to descale. Descaling is a simple process that takes about twenty minutes. Follow this simple process to descale your machine.

Step 1: First, open the machine to remove the used coffee capsule automatically.

Step 2: Then, close the machine but don’t lock it.

Step 3: Empty the capsule container and the drip tray.

Step 4: Refill the water tank with water and add your descaling solution (preferably the Nespresso descaling)

Step 5: Turn on the machine by pressing the power button; after blinking for three seconds, press and hold the button for seven seconds.

Step 6: Ensure you lock and unlock the lever in the next forty-five seconds.

Step 7: Then place a container with a capacity of 600 ml under the coffee outlet.

Step 8: Turn the lever left to lock the machine, press the power button, and wait for all the descaled solutions.

Step 9: Drain the water and thoroughly rinse the water tank and drip tray.

Nespresso descaling solutions

Nespresso descaling solutions

The three Nespresso descaling solutions are:

  1. Nespresso Descaling Kit from Nespresso. This solution contains lactic acid as its primary cleaning agent, effectively removing the lime build-up from your machine. Nespresso recommends that you only use this solution to clean your device, and it contains two sets in every pack.
  2. CaffeNu Eco Descaler Solution. Like Nespresso's descaling kit, it uses lactic acid as its primary cleaner and is more affordable. The solution is phosphate-free, so it cleans effectively and poses no health hazards. There are two bottles in each pack, enough for you to use up to four times.
  3. Impresa Descaling Solution is among the bestselling coffee descaling solutions. It mainly uses sulfamic and citric acids, which are gentle on aluminum and metal surfaces. Each pack has two bottles which are enough for cleaning two times.

What causes the Nespresso Machine Continue Blinking Red and Yellow after Descaling?

If the red and yellow light is still on after descaling the machine, it could be that you did not rinse it well with clean water. Use at least 500 ml of clean water to flush all your descaling solutions.

Is Vinegar Good For Descaling Nespresso Machines?

Some people recommend that vinegar is also suitable for descaling the Nespresso machine. But can it cause any damage to it?

Vinegar is highly acidic, and with time, it can corrode the metallic equipment of the Nespresso machine. Eventually, the equipment will be rusty, so you might need to replace them with others.

Also, if you fail to rinse the vinegar thoroughly, it will leave some residuals that can damage the machine. But if you still choose to use vinegar, dilute the mixture and rinse the coffee maker well with clean water after descaling.

Nespresso Coffee Machine Life Span.

Nespresso Coffee Machine

As with all other machines, it's crucial to clean the Nespresso machine after every use constantly. Moreover, descale the device at least twice a year or when Nespresso alerts you to descale. Proper cleaning and maintenance will improve the machine's life span to 5-10 years.


The invention of the Nespresso coffee machine has made coffee making very easy, as you press a button and your coffee is ready. Nespresso machine is easy to use and maintain: you need to clean it after every use and descale every six months. After using descaling solutions, make sure that you rinse well with clean water to remove any residue.