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Top 10 Coffee for People Who Don’t Like Coffee

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Coffee date? “No, I don’t like coffee maybe something else.” As much as most people prefer coffee, others don’t for various reasons. But what kind of coffee can people who don't like coffee take? Let's find out!

Coffee is a good stimulant for the body. Taking coffee during cold weather can help keep you warm, especially when outdoors. Some people take it for fun, while others drink it to keep alert since it is caffeinated. You can enjoy your coffee in the office when resting, and when chatting with friends, or you grab a takeaway mug.

What is Coffee?

What is Coffee

What are The Main Types of Coffee?

Main Types of Coffee

Coffee is a brewed beverage. It has a distinctive aroma and flavor and is prepared from grounded and roasted coffee plant seeds. Some coffee tastes lighter than others, and it can be prepared in several ways for consumption. Coffee can be addictive if not taken in moderation. Besides, you can quickly prepare or purchase coffee from a coffee house. However, some types of coffee can be pricey but affordable.

There are different types of coffee; espresso, cold brew, and French press. Which one do you prefer? There are several ways to make coffee. Check out below!

  • Espresso

Espresso is concentrated coffee prepared in a particular coffee machine. It comes in varying tastes and is available mainly in any coffee outlet.

  • Cold brew

Cold brew is less acidic than regular hot brew as there is no heat involved when preparing it.

Soak ground coffee beans in water for about 12-24 hours at room temperature to prepare the cold brew coffee. After reaching optimal flavor, filter out the seeds and enjoy the smooth-flavored coffee drink.

  • French press

A French press extracts oils into your mug from ground seeds. Ground seeds are put in the plunger, which uses pressure from the boiling water to separate the oil from the seeds upon pressing it. And there is your black gold, ready to enjoy!

Why Some People Hate Coffee?

Hate Coffee

Depending on reasons best known to the consumer, some of the reasons why some people don’t like coffee are;

  1. Most people don’t like coffee because it is addictive. Continuous drinking of coffee is likely to cause addiction, and you cannot do without it.
  2. Rumors have it that coffee is unhealthy. Coffee contains caffeine which is harmful to the body if taken in excess.
  3. Who wants stained teeth? I hope none, too much coffee can stain your teeth.
  4. Coffee has a distinctive smell and bitter taste that some people may dislike.
  5. Coffee causes stomach pain and digestive issues in some people.

What are The Alternatives to Coffee?

You said you don't like coffee and you want something else. Right? There are several drinks to keep you energized, just like coffee. A few options are;

  • Energy drinks

Energy drinks are good for energy boosting. Besides, it helps avoid the downsides of coffee, like sleeplessness. They contain high levels of caffeine, vitamins, and minerals for extra energy all day.

  • Herbal tea

In case you want to avoid the buzzy feeling that coffee gives you. Try warm herbal tea! It soothes teeth. Herbal tea can be prepared with hot water only, and it comes in different flavors like ginger root and mint, without forgetting chamomile.

  • Hot chocolate

Are you craving something sweet and creamy? Then try hot chocolate without milk. It is perfect for people who don’t like drinks with a bitter taste. And, if you want something sweeter than hot chocolate, you can substitute it with warm cocoa.

  • Tea

A hot cup of tea can serve well for someone who does not like coffee. There are varieties of tea on the shelves flavored differently. You need to pick your favorite and enjoy it at your convenience.

  • Water

Water is a natural drink free of calories. Drinking warm or cold water with some glucose can keep you hydrated and boost your energy all day. Besides, you don't have to add flavor to enjoy it.

  • Juice and Soda

Fresh juice is a good energy boost drink. It contains vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. Too much soda and beverage juice are high in sugar and should be moderated.

Alternatives of Coffee

If you don’t like coffee but want to fix your caffeine, you can try out the following drinks;

  • Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is green tea with caffeine and other stimulants to boost your body's energy and mental ability. Also, it contains antioxidants that protect the body from diseases.

  • Yerba mate

It is a South American tea containing caffeine and other stimulants that are good for an energy boost. You can try it out.

  • Gatorade

Athletes often use Gatorade. It contains electrolytes and other nutrients for energy boosting and rehydration.

  • Honey

Honey is naturally sweet. It can be used instead of sugar as a sweetener and a quick energy booster. It is a source of antioxidants that protect the body from diseases.

Best Coffee Drinks for People Who Don’t Like Coffee

Latte and Cappuccino

Latte and Cappuccino are espressos combined with steamed milk with some flavors. They contain caffeine that can be great for boosting body energy. The duo are creamy and sweet that one can enjoy it if they don't like coffee.

Cappuccino is thicker than Latte.


Mocha is a beverage with both coffee and chocolate. It’s made from espresso, chocolate syrup, and steamed milk. You can add whipped cream at times. It is sweet, contains a lot of caffeine, and tastes like dessert.

It is best for people who hate the bitter taste of coffee.


The Americano drink is coffee made with espresso and hot water. It is sweet and rich in caffeine.

Caramel Macchiato

Caramel macchiato is a sweet caramel-flavored coffee drink. It's made with espresso, steamed milk, and caramel syrup.

Tea Latte

Tea latte never disappoints! It is made with either black or green tea with milk and spiced with cinnamon and ginger. It has caffeine and other stimulants and is high in antioxidants.

Vanilla Latte

A vanilla latte is a vanilla-flavored coffee drink. It is made with espresso, steamed milk, and vanilla syrup. The vanilla syrup makes the bitterness palatable.

Pro Tip! Limit the amount of whipped cream or syrup added to the above drinks as they contain a lot of sugar and calories, which is unhealthy.

How to Make Coffee That Doesn’t Taste Like Coffee

How to Make Coffee That Doesn’t Taste Like Coffee

Adding spices to your coffee gives it a pleasant taste and smell. If you dislike plain coffee, you can try doing the following to make coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee;

Make a less concentrated cup.

If you don’t like bitter coffee, reduce the coffee you use to make a cup of it for a lighter taste. The more intense the coffee, the more bitter it becomes.

Add flavors and sweeteners.

Anything spiced up becomes sweeter. Try adding spices like vanilla syrup to coffee to ease the taste of coffee. Alternatively, you can use sweeteners like sugar and honey for a great experience.

Cold brewing

Cold brewing is a natural way of making coffee. Cold brown coffee is less acidic and sweeter. It is proven to be more caffeinated.

Make creamy coffee

Add milk to your coffee for a creamy coffee that does not taste like coffee.

Choose a light roast.

Coffee beans like white, blonde, and gold roast have a light flavor. Try these varieties when making coffee for people who don't like coffee.


Making coffee is one thing and making coffee for people who don't like coffee is another. From our handy guide, you can comfortably prepare some for such people, and they will surely enjoy it. If you're the victim, try sampling out the combinations above until you find the one you can enjoy. Otherwise, you can substitute coffee with other drinks as you wish.