in 2008 ‘sNice expanded to park slope, and was immediately overwhelmed by the show of support. in just only three short years we have become and integral part of so many families.

the large spacious store and patio make it a perfect place to unwind with friends over an afternoon snack or coffee. fifth avenue is one of new york’s most vibrant areas, shops, galleries and restaurants line the avenue giving it an eclectic feeling all its own.

The store continues to be an oasis for those looking to kill a few hours or tackle a school project. for many ‘sNice has become an anchor of their special neighborhood, feeding people of every age and background. great neighbors, the stone park cafe as well as the gate and the old stone house in jj byrne park, make our corner a wonderful place to gather.


315 5th avenue @ 3rd street


hours: 7.30am to 10pm